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4 color screen print.  printed with TW Graphics waterbased 5000 ink line predomantly fluorescent inks. White holographic swirl foil paper. 11"x17". Edition of 30. 


*DISCLAIMER* Between the fluorescent inks and the foil these are extremely hard to accurately portray in photos. The full size scan is much more washed out than the photos, but even the photos don't show the true vibrancy of the colors, they physically vibrate in person. This print can hurt the eyes to look at for too long (as a gorgon should, she literally stuns).  If you are visually sensitive to bright colors maybe think about one of the artist proofs on colored paper. I am continuing to work with this key image with different snakes in a vartiety of print processes, so if something a bit less jarring is up your alley, this will be the only fluorescent version.

albino cornsnake gorgon

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