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Client Printing

The VERA Project * KEXP * EMP * Short Run Comix and Arts Festival * The Capitol Hill Block Party * Allan Kollar * Jesse LeDoux * Elaine Lin * Kelly Bjork * Gabrielle Bates * Jay Bryant * Jeffry Mitchell * Eroyn Franklin * Daft Kunts (Dawn Cerny & Vic Haven) * Chris Kedziora  

In the posters page you can see work Tory Franklin designed and printed for The VERA Project, KEXP, EMP, and The Capitol Hill Block Party.

The following screen print editions created with other artists and designers images and hand screen printed by Tory Franklin of Strychnine Frosting Press.

Click on the circle to see the full size image and details about the print job.

Allan Kollar - yearly translations of watercolor paintings with many layers and split foutains

Screen printed pages for Prompt, 5th edition of On Your Marks, a Short Run anthology

Jesse LeDoux backed with Elaine Lin & Kelly Bjork backed with Gabrielle Bates

Jay Bryant - multi color Mews Poster & Butter Poster

Jeffry Mitchell - single color manila envelopes

Eroyn Franklin - single color wedding invites on Mohawk Patriot Blue

Daft Kuntz (Vic Haven and Dawn Cerny) single color Overlay printed paper bathmat

Chris Kedziora - clear gloss overlay and white ink double sided handouts and stab bound books

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